Lawyers’ Fees

Our office applies two basic remuneration systems:

1. System of global remuneration

The applicable fees are calculated in advance by way of establishing a lump sum of a monthly remuneration. This system is especially convenient in the instances where the approximate scope and duration of the services involved cannot be evaluated; it is also useful in the matters concerning recovery of indebtedness by way of judicial litigation.

2. Hourly billing system

The remuneration is calculated on the basis of the amount of time spent on the performance of the particular assistance at the application of the hourly billing rate. This system is principally applied in the situations where the scope and/or duration of the required services cannot be evaluated in advance and in the event of judicial litigation concerning other issues than the vindication of debts.

The detailed information regarding the current fees may be obtained by phone at the number: + (48) 609 846 468 or by electronic mail. The agreed remuneration is net of any VAT as may be applicable (at present in the amount of 23%).

Our office does not apply the “pactum de quota litis“ form of remuneration, i.e., the rule agreed upon prior to the resolution of a case, pursuant to which the lawyer’s share in the potential profit shall constitute the sole remuneration for the provision of the legal services. The office may, however, accept the application of the success fee, understood as the payment, aside from the fees agreed upon, in accordance with the above-described systems, of an additional form of remuneration in the event of the positive result of the services provided.