We give assistance to our Clients in all stages of their activity, from the planning and the elaboration of the most beneficial and efficient forms of investment, through the legal assistance in establishing corporations and partnerships, in the acquisition of enterprises and in the implementation of the investment process to the legal advice on their business development and on the ascertainment of their proper functioning. With respect to the unprofitable entities our office is able to offer advice on the legal aspects of their restructuring or on the manners of discontinuing their activity. The scope of our services enables us to embrace all the fields of law which are relevant from the standpoint of the business activity carried out by the entrepreneurs.

Our office also provides assistance to municipalities, local and regional self-government entities and to other public-law institutions in their statutory activity, by way of preparing projects of internal legal acts and giving opinion on them, as well as by preparing legal opinions concerning the interpretation and the practical application of the provisions of law. Notwithstanding the above, we offer the services of legal representation and the thorough assistance in public tenders and public procurement proceedings.

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