Our Office

The primary goal of our office is to ensure the highest standards of services rendered by us, in view of the fact that the legal environment in Poland is subject to frequent changes. The expertise of the lawyers employed with the Jacek Jeżowski Legal Advisor’s Office allows for resolving problems of legal nature, regardless of their level of complexity.

Dynamism, devotion and flexibility of our team enable us to adjust the scope and the form of our services to the individual needs of each Client. Thanks to the use of all available means of modern communication and, in particular, to the possibility of providing legal services by means of electronic transmission of data, the availability of our office and the access to our services are practically unlimited.

The lawyers employed with the Jacek Jeżowski Legal Advisor’s Office communicate in Polish, English, Finnish and Russian.

In the event of orders whose scope exceeds the mere legal assistance, our office is ready to ensure the adequate support from the external advisory and consultancy firm, with which we maintain permanent business contacts.

In the situations requiring the service of representation in judicial litigation or administrative proceedings, or whenever the necessity arises for undertaking other legal actions on the territory of Poland, and, especially, in the Capital City of Warsaw, we are ready to offer our services to the external law offices. We are also ready to provide detailed advice in respect of the specific conditions of the Warsaw legal market.

Our experience as well as the manner of functioning applied by our Office allow us to direct our services to those Clients, who desire to obtain professional, reliable and unfailing legal advice – always on time, also in urgent and significant matters.

Jacek Jeżowski Legal Advisor’s Office maintains a third party insurance covering all relevant risks connected with the performed activity (both in the compulsory scope and the extended insurance).